WiBD India Interns

Veera Patel

I am a Chemical Engineering student from GSFC University and am currently interning with Women in Big Data India. This internship gave me an exposure to the real-time data problems. I believe, that it is not what field you study and but how you apply the knowledge that matters in this data-driven world. It is equally important to be relevant. Women in Big Data India is a forum where interns work with experienced professionals from well-known companies on complex projects. This exposure is not only helping me build my professional network but also is empowering me to learn and achieve my goals just the way my mentors achieved in their current positions.”

Divyank Shah

“I am currently pursuing B.Tech program in Computer Science and Engineering from GSFC University. I got an opportunity to work with Incture, a digital systems company based in Bangalore as a digital marketing intern and WordPress developer. I got immense support from the Incture team from day 1 of my internship. It gave me exposure to real-world problems, and also helped me to learn and apply theoretical knowledge that I gained in college in real-time projects. It was my privilege to work with the experienced professionals from Incture that gave me deep experience in the field of my interest which would be of great help for my career in future.”

Piyush Makkar

“I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from GSFCU. I am working as Software Developer Intern at Infinilytics based in Silicon Valley. Learning coding, working with large datasets, managing work deadlines gave me a new experience, some good glimpses and help me realize my true potential. Problem solving them is my forte and I looking forward for more opportunities to hone my problem solving skills.”

Women in Big Data (WiBD)

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