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Humbled with your participation and enthusiasm for a successful India chapter launch on 2nd October, 2020. You can view the launch recording:
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Women in Big Data™ (WiBD) is a global volunteer driven organization with mission to cultivate tangible opportunities for women, unlock latent potential through accessible training, act as a catalyst for advancement with thought leadership promotion, and empower equity allies of any gender with inclusive mentorship. WiBD India Foundation is enabling this mission with specific focus to bridge the divide between industry and academia and to improve women representation in data and allied fields at grassroots level.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a platform and building blocks to increase the representation of women in the data field. We plan to bring the industry and academia together and launch local chapters across the country.

We are very encouraged with the progressive National Education Policy and NASSCOM’S recent report suggesting that data and AI can add up to 450-500 $b to India’s GDP by 2025.

The India chapter would be running 5 anchor programs, whose names are inspired by names of Goddess Durga – who is powerful and the purest form of energy and who personifies India as a whole and its incredible vitality.

  1. Vidya: Regular events with leaders from industry, government, education institutions
  2. Saraswati: Curriculum design and development with leading practitioners from industry and academia
  3. Shakti: Women looking to start/restart education or career
  4. Gayatri: Partnerships with industry associations and corporates for development and execution of programs in developing women leaders
  5. Lakshmi: Job fairs for employers to provide internship and full-time employment opportunities

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Join us and help make a difference.

Women in Big Data™ (WiBD)

Women in Big Data™ (WiBD) is a global not-for-profit global organization out to champion the success of Women in Big Data. Visit the global site

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